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A better test drive is the one we bring to you

Your driveway. The coffee shop you love. Your office. We’ll bring the test drive to you.

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A test drive has never been easier

Taking the time to visit a dealer for a test drive can be tough – that is why we created Hyundai Drive, making your next test drive as convenient as possible. It’s as easy as…

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1. Select a Hyundai

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2. Choose a time and date

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3. Set your location

Don’t want to use the app? That’s simple too.

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Talk to the dealer on better terms. Yours.

With Hyundai Drive, you control the conversation with the dealer. You can manage when and how you communicate, access information about your test drive, even get your car’s trade-in value by simply sending them a pic.

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Make a better decision with the help of friends and family.

Get the opinion of the people you trust most while car shopping – Hyundai Drive helps you do just that when it comes to deciding which model is perfect for you.

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Have Questions?

Dealerships require you to have a valid driver’s license in order to take a test drive. Similar to when you take a test drive at the dealership, we will need to verify you have a valid ID.
You can! After you book your test drive, you can start a conversation with your local dealer through messaging, and then you two may handpick the vehicle you’d like them to bring.
Choosing a music preference is optional for the consumers to choose and dealers to play. We’ll keep working on the best music options for you.
A certified Hyundai Sales Representative from one of the closest dealerships to your pick-up location will be picking you up for your test drive. The picture and name of the sales rep is revealed once you start to message back and forth with the dealership through in-app messaging and once they leave to pick you up for the test drive.
Once a test drive is booked, the “Test Drive a Hyundai” button on the home screen will now read “Test Drive Booked.” You may tap through and tap “Cancel my drive,” and your dealership will be notified that you would no longer like to take a test drive.
Simply tap into the “Test Drive Booked” icon on the home screen, then tap on the map, and you will be able to edit your location.
You can edit your test drive at any point during the request, simply tap on any information on the test drive summary screen and select the new information you’d like to send to the dealership.
a. If you select “Come to me” a Hyundai sales representative will come to the location of your choice, with the model vehicle of your choice, at the date and time you select.

b. If you select “Go to Dealer” you will still choose the date, time, and model vehicle you’d like to test drive, and you will head to the closest available dealership for the test drive. The nice part is you now have a booked appointment and the sales representatives will be ready to go when you get there.
You don’t know until you try! Of course dealerships will try to fulfill every test drive possible, but they are limited by time and distance. Please try to book a test drive through the Hyundai Drive platform, and you will be connected to the sales representative closest to you.

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