Brake Plus Now Available in Decatur, IL



What is Brake Plus™?

Brake Plus™ is a rear-end collision deterrent system designed to alert trailing drivers that you’re stopping or slowing down in a way that traditional brake lights don’t.

Made in the United States with high-tech custom-programmed microprocessors and conveniently installed by the certified technicians at Bob Brady Hyundai, the Brake Plus™ module uses eye-catching pulsating light to create up to a second of reaction time for trailing drivers.

By pulsing your third brake light four times before going solid, Brake Plus™ dramatically reduces your risk of being rear-ended — all without interfering with your vehicle’s brakes or electronics. The Brake Plus™ system is hand-wired, hand-wrapped, and hand-tested to ensure exceptional quality. It is also economically designed for mass dissemination; meaning it fits nearly every Hyundai vehicle.

Why Install Brake Plus™?

Rear-end collisions make up nearly one-third of all auto accidents, while causing more injury and damage than any other type of impact. Approximately 28 percent of rear-end collisions cause a vehicle to be deemed a total loss, and distracted driving is listed as the leading cause of death for 18-to-25 year olds.

Studies performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that roughly 90 percent of all rear-end collisions could be avoided if trailing drivers received just one additional second of reaction time. Brake Plus™ is designed to help create that additional second.

Bob Brady Hyundai – Your Local Brake Plus™ Certified Dealership

Let the sales staff and certified technicians at Bob Brady Hyundai demonstrate how Brake Plus™ can save you time, money, and most importantly — your life. Whether you are installing Brake Plus™ on a brand-new Hyundai, or servicing your existing vehicle, the dedicated team at Bob Brady Hyundai is here to help answer any questions. For further information or to schedule service, make sure to contact us online, give us a call, or visit our Decatur, IL, dealership today.

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